Louis Humphrey 
demonstrates in Acrylic
06 02 2019

Louis with Catherine Flood our President

Members in wrapt, silent attention -  enjoying every minute

The artist with his finished work

The finished painting with photos showing detail.

Michael Rong-Gen Yin
​Demonstration in Watercolour
​21st November 2018

Anna Lo MBE, Sorrel Wills , Michael Rong-Gen Yin, Margaret Fleck, Freddy Mark  

Anna Lo MBE describes and translates for Michael

Finished and isn't it stunning

Catherine McKeever​​
demonstrates a seacape in pastels
​10 10 18

Getting started



Freddy Mark  (Chairman)  greets Catherine McKeever




​Detail of the finished painting

Catherine with her finished painting

Sorrel Wills

On Wednesday 14th March Sorrel Wills gave us a demonstration
of oil painting with palette knives.

Members watching Sorrel intently

Sorrel with her finished painting

Some detail of the painting

The finished painting

Margaret Fleck

On Wednesday 14th February Margaret Fleck carried out a demonstration in oils.  We enjoyed watching as she painted a scene familiar to all of us, Slemish.
Just a little more to do but time is up!  Margaret will bring the finished painting to class and it will be included here as soon as possible.
Margaret paints the tree skeleton before dressing it in it's Summer finery
Freddy thanks Margaret for her hard work and excellent demonstration of 
"how it should be done".


A demonstration
Geoff Monaghan
took place in Ballymena Rugby Club 
on Wednesday 15th March

Geoff puting a hairdryer to good use

Geoff Monaghan is welcomed by Freddy Mark

Members and guests watch Geoff as he creates a French village in watercolour