Overview of some of the paintings displayed at Midtown Market 
6th NOVEMBER - 16th JANUARY 2019

Opening of the 50th Anniversary Exhibition
Braid Art Centre
02 11 16

The Shepherd family are joined by
Madam Mayor and Freddy Mark in showing Frank Shepherd's painting on the 50th Anniversary Exhibition of the club he founded, Vis Art.

Catherine Flood,  President of Vis Art.

Catherine has been a member of the club for 37 years and has served on Committee and as a Tutor.  She said
"It is a great honour for me to be President in this our 50th year...and I will do whatever I can to serve the best interest of Vis Art".

Members of the public enjoy the exhibition on the opening night

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Margaret" from Laurel House Chemotherapy Unit receiving a donation

​​Sorrel Wills receives the Marion Taylor Award for excellence

​​Judith Carruthers receives the Rose Bowl

​Jacque McNeill receives the Frank Shepherd award for the most original painting, chosen by Rosiland Lowry

​Rosiland Lowry, the Braid Arts Director, receiving a bouquet

​Dr Syd Miller CBE, opened our Exhibition and is seen giving various prizes and gifts.

​​Karin Todd receives "The Mayors Choice" award

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